Senin, 28 Desember 2009

Ternyata Kaos Tim Inggris dibuat di Tanggerang

THE World Cup shirts worn by England’s multi-million pound soccer stars and tens of thousands of fans are made by slumdog workers paid just £2 A DAY in a secret sweat-shop in Indonesia.

A News of the World investigation has traced the Football Association’s newly-designed official Three Lions tops back to a slave labour factory that makers Umbro-owned by Nike- don’t want YOU to know about.

Behind barbed wire fences patrolled by guards, more than 2,000 dirt-poor teenage girls and young mums toil for a sickening 16p AN HOUR, 12 hours a day, making the trendy shirts the FA is selling for £49 A TIME.

One told us: “We all work maximum overtime because the basic salary isn’t enough to live on and keep our families. The work is very hard and the pay is not good but jobs are hard to get.”

The machinists are watched constantly by patrolling supervisors ordered to fire anyone caught chatting or taking mobile phone pictures of their appalling conditions.


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