Jumat, 02 April 2010

Binatang Terkecil di dunia

Spoiler for Red-Eyed Tree Frog:
World's Tiniest Animals

Red-Eyed Tree Frog

The tiny red-eyed tree frog uses its alarmingly red eyes and webbed orange paws to assert its presence against its predators and to appear highly venomous.

Spoiler for Small-Eared Shrew:

Small-Eared Shrew

First discovered in 1894, the small-eared shrew is getting some big press lately. Believed to be extinct soon after its first sighting, three small-eared shrews were recently rediscovered near the San Martín Tuxtla volcano in Mexico.

Spoiler for Togian White-Eye :

Togian White-Eye

Discovered in 1997, the Indonesian Togian white-eye is highly endangered and meets the World Conservation Union’s Red List of Threatened Species qualifications but has yet to be added to the list.

Spoiler for Hedgehog :


The hedgehog received its name because of its unusual foraging habits. The prickly creature scavenges through hedges to find its food all the while grunting like a hog.

Spoiler for Tiny Mandarin Fish :

Tiny Mandarin Fish

These colorful, neon fish are one of the smallest ocean spawners and possess one of the most distinctive mating patterns. Every evening, twenty minutes after sunset, the tiny mandarin fish gather and release thousands of eggs into the ocean.

Spoiler for Kangaroo Rat :

Kangaroo Rat

While not actually a rat but rather a relative of the gopher, the kangaroo rat currently faces extinction. A native of the United States, the kangaroo rat travels around by hopping like a kangaroo, hence its namesake.

Spoiler for Legless Lizard :

Legless Lizard

Discovered in January 2008, the Brazilian legless lizard possesses a snake-like appearance and vestigial nubs in place of legs.

Spoiler for Mouse Lemur :

Mouse Lemur

Endemic to Madagascar, the teacup sized mouse lemur has remained an elusive inhabitant of the African island. It is the smallest primate in the world, standing at two and a half inches long.

Spoiler for Pika :


The Pika, a miniature cousin of the rabbit, may be the first animal in the lower 48 states to be listed as an endangered species due to climate change. Pika are highly sensitive to variations in temperature and any exposure to temperatures great than 78 degrees can be lethal to the chinchilla-like creature.

Spoiler for Kihansi Spray Toad :

Kihansi Spray Toad
The Kihansi spray toad is the tiniest creature in our lineup at three quarters of an inch long. Indigenous to Tanzania, 95 percent of this tiny toad’s habitat has been depleted by a nearby hydropower initiative, leaving the species only able to breed in captivity.

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