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Lelucon Google April Fools 2010

Ini nih beberapa joke April Foolsnya Google Tahun Ini

1. Google Go Nuclear

Spoiler for Google Go Nuclear:

Google To Go Nuclear

yang ini ceritanya google mau gunain nuklir untuk buat panel solar perusahaannya sendiri (ga ngerti juga gan, so lame)

2. Google Ganti Nama Jadi Topeka

Spoiler for topeka:

Spoiler for lalala:
The decision to change Topeka's name to Google was made via a proclamation signed at a city council meeting on Monday. In the proclamation, Mayor Bill Bunten declares that the city will be known as Google for the entire month of March. (You can view the original city document here.)

Now, lest you think the guy's gone totally cuckoo, there is an actual point to this: Google, you may recall, recently announced plans to build a series of superfast broadband networks in cities across America. Google's broadband service will bring speeds up to a hundred times faster than what most people currently have -- but not everyone's going to get it.

Google's planning to build its broadband networks in a limited number of communities. It's calling upon city leaders and others to nominate their hometowns for inclusion. After all the nominations have been received, Google will select a handful of places best suited for its experiment.

Topeka's mayor really, really wants his city to be one of those places.

In his proclamation, Mayor Bunten calls the city of Topeka -- er, sorry, the city of Google -- the "capital city of fiber optics." From the document:

"I, William W. Bunten, mayor of the city of Topeka, Kansas, urge the citizens of Topeka to recognize and support the continuing efforts to bring Google's 'Fiber for Communities' experiment to our city, and do hereby proclaim that for the month of March 2010, the city of Topeka will be known as Google, Kansas."

ini lucu jg, nama google mau diganti Topeka, Topeka tu nama sebuah kota di Kansas. Trus nama kota Topeka di google map diganti jadi google.Bayangin kalo bang gugel diganti jadi mbak topeke topeka

3. Google Mobile Bisa Search di mana tempat kamu berada sekarang

Spoiler for googlemobilecanggihtapihoax:

Yang ini ceritanya agan tinggal ketik "where i am" di google mobile trus google bisa nemuin tempat agan2 berada (kalo beneran lucu jg tuh, wkwk)

4. Google Translate For Animal

Spoiler for wkwk:

Yang Ini parah gan, ini ceritanya aplikasi buat terjemahin omongannya binatang LOL

5. Nonton Video Text Only

Spoiler for youtube:

Spoiler for huhu:
TEXTp saves YouTube bandwidth, money

It’s great news that there are 24 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute, we support 1080p and HD uploads are rising quickly, but that’s also meant increasing bandwidth costs cutting into our bottom line. And so, in our drive to keep expenses under control, we’ve decided that April 1 is the perfect day to take the important step of offering a new way to experience YouTube: text-only mode, or TEXTp.

TEXTp is the result of months of intense transcoding efforts by our engineers, who toiled for weeks to ensure that a large chunk of videos on the platform could be reduced to their most basic elements. By replacing the images in the video with a series of letters and numbers, the videos are far less taxing on our system -- and have the added benefit of promoting literacy!

To give it a whirl, make sure you have the latest Flash player (10.0) and click here. Or you can select “TEXTp” from the pulldown menu on most videos,

For every person who selects TEXTp and keeps it on while you watch a video, you save YouTube $1 a second, resulting in potentially billions of dollars of savings for us. So if you care about YouTube, you’ll use TEXTp today.

Ini ceritanya setiap kita nonton video text only, kita menyumbang $1 buat youtube karena youtube diperkirakan bakalan bangkrut karena biaya bandwith yang mahal bgt. kalo text only ngapain ngeliat video, yaampun bang gugel aneh2 aja nih

6. More Efficient Google Keyboard

Spoiler for LALALA:

kalo kayak gini mah gimana ngetiknya

7. TiSP (Toilet Internet Service Provider)
Spoiler for parah ni gan:

ceritanya ni google mau bikin inovasi terbaru bikin internet provider yang gratis tis soalnya akses yang disediakan Google TiPS dipasangnya lewat toilet dengan menggunakan fiber optic.

kita bakalan dapat TiSP Self-Installation Kit yang berisi :

- Buku Petunjuk
- Kabel Fiber-optic
- Spindle
- Wireless router
- CD Instalasi.

Kelebihan :
Gratis, cepat dan sangat handal
Mudah dipasang – pemasagan yg singkat
Vacuum - dimeteraikan air untuk mencegah kerusakan

yang bener aja gan, ini yang paling nyeleneh mnurut ane. masa internet dipasang lewat toilet

yang lainnya masih banyak, cari aja sendiri gan

Google's map go 3D
Google Wave notifies you via human notification
YouTube lets you watch videos in text only mode.
Google building a nuclear project according to TechCrunch
Google Books go 3D
Google gets into building jails for municipalities
Google launches Google Translate for Animals
Google Maps Australia does Australian speaking directions
Google voice does standard voicemail capabilities
Google bought ProBlogger

sumber saya: bang

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