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Handphone Termahal Sedunia

1.Goldvish “Le million”
The Goldvish Le million is the most expensive phone on the planet and is a masterpiece, basically in addition to the ILLUSION collection there was a limited amount of exclusive mobile phones the PLATO collection. There were only 100 of these phones made and is only available on special request. These Goldvish Le million handsets are of the highest levels of Swiss craftsmanship and precision. Well for $1,000,000 (£540,540) you should not get anything less should you now.

The Goldvish “Le million” is officially the most expensive mobile phone in the world and we know because the Guinness Books of Records says so, the Goldvish Le million $1,000,000 (£540,540) mobile phone has 120 carats worth of VVS-1 grade diamonds. GoldVish also make the ‘Illusion’, which comes in 15 different incarnations, encrusted with diamonds or not depending on your preference, but always made with at least 140 grams of solid gold. Would you buy one?

2.Vertu Diamond
Vertu's Signature Cobra Cellphone can be yours for only $310,000. Cheaper version sells for $ 115,000. Created with various diamonds and 439 rubies.

I am honored to introduce our next cellphone; Vertu’s Signature Cobra. I don’t know much about the phone features but I know it’s expensive. What is the Cobra? The Signature Cobra is a luxurious cellphone encrusted with precious rocks by French jeweler Boucheron and it cost $310,000 USD. Why? The Signature Cobra is a ritzy gadget made from one pear-cut diamond, one round white diamond, two emerald eyes and 439 rubies. Does it feature speaker phone, streaming video, or a nice to-do list? I’ve come to this conclusion. Do features matter when an overprice cellphone is worth more than the average home?

For the savvy, intelligent, and bargain shopper does this make an impression? NO. It’s a Paris Hilton phone marketed to those who love the bling lifestyle. The Signature Cobra, as one might observe, is merely a regular phone laced with expensive rocks. It’s the equivalent of crystallizing an apple or some other fruit. A once ordinary object is now engulfed with shinny specs of light which glitter from every angle.

If you can’t afford the $310,000 model a cheaper version is available for an affordable $115,000 USD. Thanks to the discount, .5% of the world’s population can now afford it. Vertu, the luxury phone company that creates and markets the Signature Cobra, is now taking orders which are currently limited to 8, but only 26 Signature Cobras will be made for the lucky few who make that decision.

3.Sony Ericsson Black Diamond = $300,000 = IDR 3.600.000.000
Sony Ericsson is known for its stylish and elegant cell phones. Sony Ericsson Black Diamond is one of the very best of them. Black Diamond is not only stylish but it is also considered as one of the most expensive cell phones Sony Ericsson ever made.

Industrial designer Jaren Goh came up with an eye catching design for Sony Ericsson by the name of Black Diamond. The stunning Sony Ericsson Black Diamond cell phone is not just about style and elegance. It is equipped with the latest cutting edge technology and handy features.

Black Diamond by Sony Ericsson has a 4 mega-pixel camera and an OLED Screen which gives a ‘boderless screen effect’. The phone is also said to have Bluetootth and WiFi.

Looking at its physical features, it is said that Black Diamond would have a Polycarbonate skin and mirror finished cladding. Surely the concept given by Jaren Goh to Sony Ericsson is a state of the art. And we can only wait until Sony Ericsson approves it for manufacturing.

4.Nokia Supreme
Lagi- lagi sebuah ponsel mewah diproduksi. Kemungkinan karena kaum kaya raya memang cukup meminati barang super mahal. Nokia Supreme, demikian namanya, dilabeli sebagai ponsel Nokia termahal di dunia.

Label itu tampaknya sah-sah saja karena Nokia Supreme dijual seharga US$ 160.000 atau sekitar Rp1,6 Miliar. Hanya saja ponsel ini bukan buatan pabrikan Nokia, melainkan hasil rancangan desainer Inggris, Stuart Hughes yang memang mengkhususkan diri membesut gadget mewah.

Sebenarnya, Nokia Supreme adalah Nokia 8800 Arte yang didandani eksklusif dengan berbagai perhiasan. Inilah yang membuat banderolnya membumbung.

Dilansir UnwiredView, Rabu (13/1/2010), Nokia Supreme dibuat dengan material khusus. Bodinya antara lain dihiasi dengan taburan 1225 butir berlian. Juga disematkan platinum 83 gram.

Seperti biasa, Stuart Hughes hanya menyediakan Nokia mewah tersebut dalam edisi sangat terbatas. Hanya 3 unit ponsel saja yang dijual via websitenya. Sebelumnya, sang desainer sudah membuat edisi mewah gadget seperti iPhone dan iPod.

5.Vertu Diamond = $88,000 = IDR
consider it a sign of faith in the endurance of the world economy that diamond-covered phones are still hitting the market. Luxury designer Knalihs Athem has created the Diamond Vertu Constellation Gold. Each phone is done in 18K gold and covered with more than 1500 brilliant cut diamonds. The handset can be personalized with initials, lucky number, logo or anything else you have in mind.

Rumor has it Brad Pitt and David Beckham own one of these luxurious phones. Vertu manufactures the most exclusive phones in the world, and this time the company didn't hold anything back when creating the Signature Diamond Collection. While most of us bling our phones with Swarovski crystals, others simply want real diamond handsets.

Vertu's Signature Diamond Collection consists of handsets made of 18 carat yellow or white gold set with pave diamonds, as well as a platinum handset set with a .25 carat solitaire diamond. Each handset takes craftsmen a total of seven days to complete because they set over 700 diamonds by hand. They're only producing 200 phones, which will be sold exclusively in select jewelry stores.

But what about actual features? It doesn't have a camera or take video, but it has the ability to send text messages, record voice memos, has enough memory for 1,000 contacts, alarm clock and PC synchronization. It may not be the most cutting edge handset on the streets, but it certainly is the most expensive one.

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